I think I became aware of the term "beat boxing" when The Fat Boys hit the scene. 80's rap had a wild vibe.  I probably became a fan of them because I was a huge horror movie fan.  I had posters from Fangoria Magazine hanging on my walls...probably just to freak out my mom and sister.

Nightmare on Elm Street was and is my favorite horror movie of all time. The Fat Boys had an album called Crushin (which featured them hilariously on top of a demolition derby car as if the fat men just crushed it) and it included Wipeout but it was their next album Coming Back Hard Again that had a song featuring Chubby Checker (Yo Twist) and the theme song for the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, which featured Robert Englund performing as Freddy Krueger.

That's what sold it for me on The Fat Boys.  If they were down with Freddy Krueger I can be into them.  That brought on a whole list of horrible embarrassing bands I was into.  I owned Chunky A's album "Large and In Charge" with the hit single "You Make Me Say OWW".  Arsenio Hall was dressed up as a fat guy (skinny compared to today's more modern fat guy) and he rapped.

So, this started as an article about the guy who beat boxed in an MRI machine but I'd like to turn it into an apology to my parents and friends who I tortured with this horrible music.

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