In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man was arrested for pretending to be a federal marshal and attempting to drive an Audi off the lot of a dealership in South Tulsa.

The man identified as Randy Cantwell walked into the car dealership located near 61st and Mingo. He asked employees if he could look at an Audi on the lot.

An employee grabbed the keys to the Audi and began showing Cantwell the car, but informed him the car was not ready to be driven. Cantwell didn't care, he said he was taking the car anyway.

Cantwell claimed that the dealership stole the Audi, and told employees he was a federal marshal and could take the car if he wanted.

The employees were not going to let that happen, they blocked the car in so Cantwell could not drive away. When Cantwell realized he could not take the car, he got out and walked away.

Tulsa Police arrived and confronted Cantwell, to which he had no ID verifying he was a federal marshal. Cantwell was arrested for False Impersonation of Law Enforcement and taken to the Tulsa County Jail.

Here are what commenters had to say about the Facebook post:

Mark BjorkeAn idiot but with good taste in cars.

James M. RasbearyThat Cant(end)well

Shae DodsonDude grew up with lead paint on his walls and it shows.

Carolyn WagnerUnfortunately, they walk among us and they breed!

Read More Here: News Channel 8 Tulsa

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