On September 3rd, police in Ohio were called to a residence with reports that a postal carrier was exposing himself and urinating on a mailbox.

After arriving, the officer located the postman, who immediately told the officer about emptying a bottle of water. This was immediately suspicious because the officer hadn't asked any questions about the incident.

The officer spoke with the witness, who said that while moving into a new apartment unit, the landlord told her there was an ongoing problem with the mailman giving the special delivery of urine on the mailbox.

After seeing the mailman standing next to the mailbox for too long, she approached him and smelled urine, as well as saw his penis was out of his pants.

Right then, the mailman pulled out a water bottle and poured it on the urine, trying to cover it up. He then started yelling at the woman.

After the officer determined the story to have played out exactly as the woman said, the mailman was cited for public indecency.

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