I went to the dentist today, so this video struck me.  I'm pretty sure Dr. Marianna would string me up outside Beattie Family Dental if I told her I was using Magic Erasers to clean my teeth.

Not to say Magic Erasers don't work.  They are quite useful for cleaning up some scuffs and paint rubs off your counters or floors.  They've got some sort of consistency, like microscopic coral, that adds to the surface area so when you scrub it's almost like you're using multiple sponges at once.

It's called "melamine foam" and it hardens strong enough that it's sort of like using sand paper.  So you have to be careful.  Your floors and counters will get clean...but they'll also loose varnish or paint if you scrub too hard.

Therein lies the problem.  It actually works to clean your teeth if you scrub them with a magic eraser.

study in 2015 actually found Magic Erasers CAN remove stains from your teeth, but most experts say it's NOT something to try.  One dentist talked about it on YouTube and said it's like scrubbing your teeth with really fine sandpaper.  So if her teeth look white, it might be because she stripped all the enamel off.

But just because you SHOULDN'T do it...doesn't mean you should.  And it certainly means people WON'T.

There's a gal on TikTok that swears by this method and even says her dentist says she's got strong beautiful teeth.

For now.  For now she does.  Will it be worth it when she has no enamel?

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