The Putnam Museum is hosting a virtual fund raiser this Saturday, October 17, 2020. from 6pm-7:30pm.
Now normally...they'd get everyone together and spend a couple thousand dollars on supplies & decor but now that money can be saved because they are revamping for the times and creating an online event that everyone can participate in.
WQAD Senior Meteorologist Eric Sorensen will be your virtual Emcee which includes science experiments and a question and answer session with MIT Aerospace Engineer, and Emmy-Nominated TV host, Emily Calandrelli!  If you've seen Emily's Wonder Lab on Netflix.  She's also on a mission to spark an interest in STEM in the next generation
Plus they'll be giving you instructions with a local "mixologist" because the act of mixing a drink is not only an art...but it's a science.  No doubt this signature cocktail will be out of this world!
This will be a great night to raise awareness and funds for the Putnam Museum and Science Center! This will go to support of the Putnam Museums programs, services and collections such as summer camps, their rotating and permanent exhibits, and virtual learning.
So get your lab coat and goggles on, get your Zoom fired up and ready for a Saturday night that will be fun, informative and most important...charitable. These types of events are critical to places like The Putnam Museum.  We're so luck to have them in our back yard and probably take them for granted.  So If you're able...get a ticket and enjoy an interactive show on Saturday night.
Purchase your event ticket here:

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