The 2nd installment of my "Behind The Business" video series, I chat with Gary Rowland from Mac's Tavern.

Gary & his wife, Sasha, have owned Mac's since 2000...but love to tell stories about their legendary bar that go back to the prohibition era.  Being in a river town...there are even stories of Al Capone.

Gary knows the real reason people go to a bar isn't to escape their's to make a connection.  Whether it's to their lifelong drinking buddies, a complete stranger or with the almighty bartender.

"Bartenders are a great service to the community. We like to get people to take their wall down when they come into the bar and have a couple drinks.  If it's me you need to tell that story to or you need to vent to someone so you can get out of your funk or just put life on the shelf for a minute...I'm here to help."

From fast food to the kitchen to cocktail server to bar owner. Gary's got quite a story.  He's seen strangers meet in his bar...and get married there too.

Bridging the gap of the younger crowd and keeping the legacy alive with the older crowd is a tight rope walk...but Gary says he loves staying connected through conversation and keeps everyone happy by making them the only person in the room when he chats.

Until we're able to go drown our sorrow or get a pick me up...Mac's Tavern is doing curbside pick up for all your food & drink needs.

He says it's truly humbling to watch the Quad Cities step up & support his bar & others around the area.  Calling himself a "cynical old fart"

"The goodness of people get's lost, it gets a little cloudy...but I can tell you I love this town.  I love the people that live in this town. Every day they change my perspective."


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