You gotta give the doctors down in Brazil a hand, this is just impressive. Carlos Mariotti was involved in an accident earlier this year in which the skin of his hand was torn off.

The machine operator was using a piece of machinery that is used to make plastic tableware when his left hand became trapped in it. His bones and tendons were left exposed.

At first it seemed like the appendage would have to be amputated. But an orthopedic and traumatology doctor came up with another solution: Sew the hand into Mariotti's abdomen.

With the damaged hand inserted into his body it would be protected from infections until they were able to do skin grafts.

“It was a really weird sensation because I could feel my fingers wiggling inside my body,” Mariotti said. “When I moved them around my tummy protruded as I prodded about.”

WARNING: Graphic Video

Read more about it at Barcroft TV.

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