35-year-old Air Force veteran Clay Luthy in Abilene, Texas has been struggling to find work, because both of his knees are bad.

He's had five surgeries on them, and can't bend his left leg at all. So he trained his 10-year-old dog Charlotte to help him get back up if he falls down.

It sounds like he has some other sort of health issue too, because he says she started "alerting" him a few years ago if something bad was about to happen. She wasn't even trained to, she could just sense something was wrong.

Clay applied for a job at Lowe's about two months ago, and he was the most-qualified person they interviewed. When he mentioned that he had a service dog, they said she could work there too.

Someone even made a vest for her out of an old Lowe's apron. The store's HR manager says hiring Clay was a no-brainer. And the fact that they got Charlotte too is just a bonus.

He says customers love her, and she's really good with kids. So while Clay helps people out, Charlotte keeps their kids entertained.

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