LoPiez are doing short runs of collaboration t shirts with old school local Quad Cities bands! The first band they thought of was Meth and Goats!

10% of sales are donated to the Rose Malone Education Fund.

To order...private message Lopiez Facebook Page.

From 1999 until 2014 there was a band from the Quad Cities called Meth and Goats. They were a genre-defying post punk band known for their high energy live shows. They were heavy enough for the punk and metal kids but weird and noisy enough for the indie kids as well. They toured many times across the country and released two full length albums and two split seven inches. Meth and Goats were Dennis Hockaday on guitar, Talbot Borders on bass, Jon Burns on vocals, Ray Malone on drums, formerly Nick Kelley on drums. 

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