If you've flown before, you know all the "rules" about buying tickets: the further out the date, the cheaper the ticket; Spring Break time is expensive; prices are up in the summer but down in the winter. Even if you know these, you might not know when the "Do Not Fly" days are.

"Do Not Fly" days are those that are high-travel days, when ticket prices will be up much, much higher. The bottom line here is winter is cheapest, buy midweek tickets, connecting flights save money, and July is the priciest. These are the random days you do want to avoid this year:

February 14-17: Valentine's Day is on a Friday this year, followed by Monday being a day off for many due to President's Day, so it'll be an easy time to go for a long weekend.

February 29: This is the day winter prices end, and spring prices start rolling in.

March, April, May: Fridays and Sundays are much more expensive on these heavy traffic days

March 26 and May 14: Flights to Europe take a jump.

June 4 (and on): This is Day 1 of summer prices, so wrap up that beach vacation by the 3rd.

June 22 to August 24: This is the peak pricing time for the summer fares.

July 15 and Aug 11: Prices to Europe drop significantly

Around Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's

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