In my own marriage, sometimes we struggle finding things we both want to do.  But that's ok.  We don't have to love everything the other one does.  We can suck it up and take enjoyment from being together...or at least knowing the tables will turn and she'll have to do something she hates because I had to walk through a mall for 3 hours and not stop at the record store.
Well, my genius friend, Brandon Mavis has put together a nice little Saturday for you and the Mrs.
It's a Quad City Beer Club "Double Tap"...Pourin' Beer... and Candles
The 2nd Saturday of every month the group gathers at a local brewery to talk beer, share beer, and of course drink beer.  There is usually a bottle share where you bring a six pack of your favorite brews to share with other beer lovers to enjoy.  They of course return the favor.
This month they're doing a "candle pour" at 11am at Buttercupp Candle Bar inside Grasshopper's Gift Shop in LeClaire.  They'll have 3 Green Tree Brewery beers to sample and you can drink while you pour.
Plus the Bottle Exchange - Bring your Six-Packs, leave with a Mix-Pack
Candles do take about 3 hours to set, so you'll go up the road to Green Tree Brewery for a few more drinks.  In fact...maybe tell her they take about 4-5 hours to set.  It's a good time at GTB.
Join the QC Beer Club now for just $10 a month.  A really cool way to spend a cold Saturday in the Quad Cities.

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