The Local Uncommon Tour has returned for it's second year!

Bent River Brewing Co. has teamed up with 10 different coffee providers in the Quad City Area to brew special variants of their famous Uncommon Coffee Stout. We brewed the base stout and each shop has picked the coffee they want to see featured as a coffee beer.

Every Wednesday, through April 27th they will tap a new variant of Local Uncommon at their Moline location. The Local Uncommon will be tapped at 11AM every Wednesday and remain on tap while supplies last.

Plus they've got awesome new 2020 tour t-shirts for this go-around with the same sweet deal:

When you purchase a pour of a Local Uncommon you’ll receive a tour pass punch card. For each variant you purchase you will receive a punch. Each punch is worth 10% off this year's tour t-shirt.

For example, try 5 variants and receive 50% off the tour t-shirt. Try all 10 variants and receive the tour t-shirt completely FREE!

Tour t-shirts will also be available for full price purchase throughout the promotion.

Here’s a list of the participating 2020 Local Uncommon Tour participants
The Coffee Revolution

Coffee Envie
Sips Coffee
Java Java Cafe
Awake Coffee Company
Dead Poet's Espresso Ltd.
392 Dport
Cool Beanz Coffee House
Country Club Coffee

*Yes, regular Uncommon Stout will be available during this time.

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