Maybe you've seen this Christmas light display while driving around Davenport. But did you know that after all the classic Christmas carols are done playing, things get quite a bit heavier?

Jason Perkins is the mastermind behind the heavy metal light display. On any normal night from 5 to 8 and hear all your favorite Christmas songs cleverly synced up to the flashing lights. If you hang around after 8, instead of carols you'll hear the likes of Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth, each with their own special light show.

Here's a taste of the show:

Jason's light display is located at 406 W 46th Street in Davenport, Iowa. Christmas music plays every night from 5pm to 8pm with the heavy metal playing 8pm to 10pm. On Friday and Saturday nights, the heavy metal show is extended to midnight. For more details check out 46th Street Holiday Lights on Facebook.

The display itself is made up of thousands of lights that take a solid four days to completely set up. To help cut costs Jason fabricates his own extension cords, this year he added over 2,000 feet. Each song takes months of programming to perfectly sync the music with the lights.