I met Lobo from Lobo's Salsa after he was on our sister station's sports show (Don't Hassle us We're Local) and he introduced me to his salsa!  It's hot...and tastes awesome!  I'm a big fan!

Now, Healthy Harvest Urban Farms in Rock Island is collaborating with the local salsa maker for a delicious looking concoction!  They're taking Lobo's Salsa and using it as the base for the pizza sauce and throwing some avocados on top for a new spin on taco pizza!

Now, I am far from a "health nut".  But just because it's vegan doesn't mean it tastes like cardboard.  According to Healthy Harvest, it's an organic homemade sourdough crust, Lobo's salsa as the pizza sauce, and a vegan taco mixture over the sauce, with a plant-based mozzarella. Then they cook it and cut four organic avocados up and put it on top. "It'll fool the most devout carnivore!"

The Lobo's Loco Taco Pizza must make its way into my belly!

By the way, Lobo's Salsa is now available at Healthy Harvest! Both 16 and 32-ounce sizes of hot and mild.

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