A video from a family's trip to a watering hole in Tennessee has gone viral after the grim encouragement given to a mother by her daughter.

The mom, named Danielle, is standing on the edge of a bluff over the water, where she's getting ready to jump into the water. It's a pretty popular activity in some areas, with some vacation spots centering around a cliff diving location.

Probably feeling a little nervous, Danielle shouts out to her young daughter for some innocent, child-mindset encouragement.

"What do you think babe, should I do it?" Danielle asks from on top of the cliff.

"Yes," Ori responds, with a few seconds of silence, before she adds "You're going to probably die."

Danielle can't do anything but chuckle and toss her hands up.

A month after the video was shared, it reached virality, and Danielle shared the next few seconds of the video, when she did finally jump off of the cliff.

Luckily for her, Ori's motivating quote didn't come to fruition and she survived.

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