If someone at work asks what you did over the weekend, do you admit you binge-watched Netflix and ate junk food or do you glam it up a little bit?

A new survey found that about 30% of us will lie or exaggerate to make our weekend sound more fun than it really was when Monday comes around. These are the five things that we're most likely to lie about or embellish:

  1. Going to a bar, or how much fun you had while you were there.
  2. A restaurant you went to, or how nice it was.
  3. That you worked out or went to the gym.
  4. A cultural activity, or something educational.
  5. A road trip, or something you left town for.

About 20% of people said they've been caught lying about their weekend before. And 51% said they regularly regret not making more of their two days off work.

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