This weekend at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, starting Friday, It's Iron Invasion.

Some cool vendors to check out early, and some kick-ass bands in the evening including my pal Mark Detl 's outfit Zed.

Saturday is full-tilt autobilia, auctions, retro lifestyle cool-ass cars, vans, a few bikes, and more music (including shredding expert Anthony Gomes in the afternoon! Wha???)

Don't miss the legendary retro set photography of Jenna Sue Photography!


At the same time out front it's the Dwyer & Michaels Last Gasp car show! We choose our Calendar cover car from the metal you drive in there to show. And we hand out a few cool hand-painted one-of-kind Jim Hetzler-painted awards at about 3:30.

More music and fun and dirt drags, pin-up, a mini bike parade, and then on Sunday... a great tour of the QCA with the Hangover cruise!

Bring your best car, your best girl, your best attitude, and a handful of dollars because we are raising money for Helping Hannah's Heart Foundation.

Buy a weekend pass for only 20 bucks....or a day pass for 15...all the money raised goes to kids with congenital heart don't be a bitch about paying.

Heck I'm hosting the car show Saturday and even my cheap ass is paying (or, more accurately, waiting around til someone pays my's a Dwyer thing...)

I'm taking my Father-in-Law's '40 to show in his memory. Hope to see as many of you out there as possible!

Greg Dwyer
Greg Dwyer
Greg Dwyer
Greg Dwyer
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