After this week, it would seem the Quad Cities are going to be known for its style of pizza, and its fights at Walmart.

Our friend over at RyCa T.V shared a video of the police response to a disturbance at the Elmore Avenue Walmart in Davenport this afternoon, around 2pm.


According to witnesses who spoke with us, a group made up of around 8 juveniles between the ages of 10-17 were fighting for unknown reasons when one of the children allegedly used pepper spray.

RyCa T.V reported a witness report as well.

A large police presence can be seen at Walmart on Elmore ave. In Davenport after a police officer was assaulted by 5 juveniles, the Davenport police along with Scott county sheriff and Iowa state patrol were able to contain the subjects but an officer did deploy pepper spray.
The officer was not injured.

This story is still developing, we will update if we hear anything else on the situation.

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