Vinnie Vincent played his first concert with Kiss on Dec. 29, 1982, after taking over for founding member Ace Frehley during the recording of Creatures of the Night.

The opening night of Kiss' 10th anniversary tour was meant to be two nights prior, in Rapid City, S.D. But according to KissFAQ, a severe snow storm cancelled that concert and made the 29th show at Bismarck, N.D., their kickoff instead. It was Kiss' first time on a U.S. stage since a July 1980 New York City club date, which oddly enough served as the debut for new drummer Eric Carr.

As the half-empty arena in a secondary market testified, it was not the best of times for Kiss. Besides being down two original members, the group's popularity had taken a huge hit since their late-'70s heyday, partially as a result of two pop-leaning albums that alienated their original fanbase. Gene Simmons wasn't sure Vincent was the right man to help Kiss stabilize their lineup and commercial fortunes, but there were time pressures in play.

"With Creatures done, we either had to lose the window of a tour or go off on tour with this guy," he explains in his book Kiss and Make-Up. "We decided, rightly or wrongly, to go on the tour with him."

Paul Stanley designed Vincent's ankh makeup, the sixth and final makeup character ever employed by the group. Justifiably proud of the Creatures of the Night album, the band played six tracks from it during this opening night's 19-song, two-solo set.

Unfortunately, apart from a well-received series of shows in Brazil, the result was the least successful tour in Kiss history. The band realized a big change was needed, and took off their trademark makeup prior to the release of 1983's Lick it Up album.

The combination of their new image and second straight impressive recording was finally enough to reverse Kiss' fortunes. Yet, despite his impressive songwriting contributions, relations between Vincent and his band mates / employers continued to get worse. As a result, they parted ways prior to the release of 1984's Animalize, and a series of lawsuits and press battles followed.

After a stint leading his own Vinnie Vincent Invasion, the guitarist mended fences and returned to help Simmons and Stanley co-write a few songs for their 1992 Revenge album. However, the camps soon found themselves at odds again – and Vincent was largely been off the radar until he resurfaced at a Kiss Expo in 2018. He performed alongside Simmons later that year, but since then has garner more headlines for canceling shows than playing them.

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