This one caught my eye today ... On this date back in the late-60's somewhere in the middle of their rise to stardom, The Who were playing a concert at the Fillmore East (NY) and somebody ran up and got on stage and grabbed one of the mic stands.  PeteTownshend thought it was just some crazy fan, and literally "kicks" him down off of the stage before he could say anything.  It turns out, it was a plainclothes

Hutton Archive, Getty Images

NYC cop who was trying to warn everyone of a fire next door and to exit calmly, etc.

I don't know if it was like the Chris Rock video ("How not to get your a__ beat by the Police") but Pete was "escorted" from the stage by several other policemen and taken to the local precinct where he spent the night.  He ended up with just a small fine of about $30.  But do you think he signed any autographs?