In case you didn't know, Crocs are almost back at the level they were in 2009 when they were one of the most popular shoes on the market.

The company known for their foam clogs are shooting for the stars in 2020, pairing up with KFC to create shoes modeled after the iconic buckets of chicken.

If you remember, they had charms you could buy for your Crocs that stick in the holes and they were called Jibbitz. Well, what's a chicken bucket without some Chicken scented Jibbitz?!


They're not just making their standard shoe with this sent-from-heaven design, they have one for the fashionista, too. The "Bucket Clog" has 4.5 inch platforms, with Crocs on top.


Yes, they're real.

Crocs and KFC are not only blessing us all with this creation, but the good guys are keeping the prices down to normal Croc price, $60.

Both models will be available

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