Today I talked with Glenn Cole who was over at Radical Effect with Rich Nunez testing out some new beer and talking beer.  They recorded a podcast...appropriately titled "What's Tappening" and available on any of your favorite podcast platforms.  Or just click below!

This Week

Wednesday 12/2
Beer Yoga on the Mezz at Crawford Brew Works 6:00PM
Thursday 12/3
Trivia Night at Five Cities Brewing 7:00PM
Friday 12/4
Rock Star BINGO at Green Tree Brewery 8:00PM

Saturday 12/5
Krampusblüd Nordic Stout tapping at Wake Brewing
What's on Tap
  • Sacred Geometry Hazy Pale Ale at Stompbox Brewing
  • Mexican Chocolate Cake Stout at GRB Brew Lab
  • Barrel Aged DCR Imperial Stout at Adventurous Brewing
  • Kettle Klowns From Sour Space and Can't Phase Me! Stout at Radicle Effect Brewerks
  • Big Barry White Stout and Rainbow Stargazer Pastry Sour at Contrary Brewing
  •  Witty Repartee Belgian Wheat at Crawford Brew Works
  • Guatemalan Coffee Stout and Chocolate Raspberry Stout at Midwest Ale Work Brewery of the Month for December

Green Tree Brewery. / Le Claire IA

Located between Cody Road and the banks of the Mississippi since 2015, GTB is a great spot to gather and grab a cold one. Indoor and heated outdoor seating with river views from everywhere. A solid selection of beer, free popcorn to snack on or BYOFood! Catch some live music from talented local artists, play euchre for charity, jam to rock star bingo and get competitive during trivia nights all while you hang out friends. And remember to grab some beers to take home, Growlers, Bottles Check them out on facebook and instagram or visit for more info.

Drink Local. Support Local.
For more info visit to find local breweries, craft beer events & other cool stuff and follow @craftquadcities on facebook and instagram for daily posts. Cheers & Quaff!


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