Kansas Wildlife and Parks shared an unusual story this week, which falls not only in the "you're not supposed to do that" category but the "why the hell would you do that" category as well.

Kansas Wildlife and Parks game wardens in Finney County didn't reveal the location of the incident other than that it happened in Garden City, Kansas.


The unnamed person was not spoken of with any identifying factors of their age or gender, but the officials said that they seized the firearm and ticketed the person for allegedly using illegal means to take fish and for not having a fishing license.

In their Facebook post, the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Game Wardens explained that no, you cannot use a gun to get those fish that keep getting away.

They added that nonsport fish may only be taken with a fishing pole and line, trotlines, set lines, gig, crossbow or bow and arrow with a line attached.

Not only is using a gun to fish illegal, the warden said it's also incredibly dangerous.

"Shooting at a body of water can be a dangerous activity because bullets can ricochet off the surface of the water," they explained in the post.

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