I'm not much into basketball, but when something like this happens I tend to take notice. Last night at the end of a basketball game between rivals Kansas State and Kansas, there was a bench clearing brawl.

Third ranked Kansas was winning easily, 81 to 59, but a Kansas State player, DaJuan Gordon, decided to steal the ball from Kansas Jayhawk Silvio De Sousa as he was dribbling out the clock. As Gordon went for a lay up, De Sousa made a powerful, clean block on the ball.  Gordon fell off the court, but then De Sousa stood over him defiantly.

That's when members of the Kansas State bench ran towards De Sousa. Punches were thrown. At one point, De Sousa picked up a stool and had it over his head, but a coach grabbed it away.

Take a look at this:

Read more at ESPN.

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