There's a few ways to get some business through the doors on Valentine's Day; offering child care, having a special dinner deal, having a band, and apparently hosting a sex contest.

Chiquititas Lounge in Norcross, Georgia hosted their first (and probably only) celebration not of love, but of what love causes two people to typically do on Valentine's Day.

A Kama Sutra party and contest held by manager Lizzette Vela Loechle. The advertising showed a $500 prize to the couple who could display the most and best sex positions. The event was promoted on social media and the radio.

The contest began at 1:55 am on the dance floor decorated in Valentine's Day decorations, complete with a bed in the middle of the floor for the competing couples.

According to police, "Loechle stated that there were several couples who kept their clothes on the whole time while they demonstrated having sex and some couples got nude while demonstrated having sex."

Loechle also participated, according to police.

Loechle says she was unaware she was doing anything wrong, but she was arrested for breaking two county laws; Providing Entertainment Featuring Nudity and Promoting a Contest Where Patrons are Encourage to Engage in Sexual Activity.

Immediately after their manager was arrested (or three days later), the owner posted on Facebook, saying the party was not condoned by Chiquititas Lounge.

There was no word on who won the $500 prize.

Police have obtained surveillance video from the bar and a reviewing it for "evidence." Luckily, they also posted a heavily blurred out video on YouTube for your enjoyment.

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