If you're at the grocery store trying to stock up for your "Big Game" party, you might notice a shortage of Jack Daniels, so let's hope you don't have a hankering for some Jack and Cokes.

Whiskey And Tequila Continue To Increase Market Share Over Beer Within U.S.
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Greensboro, North Carolina is in the national spotlight this week after an entire truckload of one of the most known brands of Tennessee Whiskey was lost to a semi-truck involved in a crash.

The crash was reported to have happened on Monday night and the exit ramp had to be closed until Tuesday morning due to all of the glass in the roadway. The truck had overturned and dumped its load of Jack Daniels all over the road.

It happened on I-40 north of Randleman Road Monday night, and crews took nearly ten hours to haul away the tractor-trailer, with debris still laying on the highway.

The cleanup efforts obviously caused a lot of traffic delays for commuters.

Minor injuries were reported but police say there were no significant injuries in the crash.

The mess was cleaned up and taken care of by 9am Tuesday.

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