When the dead of winter hits and people start thinking about vacations, they take the Dwyer way and make plans to plant their asses in the sand on some beach down south. How weak!  I go some place colder.  With MORE snow.

This weekend, I was with a group of 120 people in Munising, Michigan for the American Snowmobiler magazine ride-in led by professional snowcross racers.  We rode close to 400 miles in sub-zero temps all over the U.P.  You can see in the GoPro footage that we clipped along at close 90 mph on the straights and 50+ through woods.

In the issue of the full disclosure...that's not me jumping in the video above.  That's Jacob in full "ride-it-like-you-stole-it" mode! Speaking of riding it like you stole it, check out just how fast these machines are:

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