I can't say as though I'm a fan of John Mayer's music but to be honest I've never given it a chance.  "Your Body is a Wonderland" and his painful guitar faces make it hard to give it a fighting chance.

But he might be worth putting some effort into liking.  First off, his MTV show (or was it VH1?) "John Mayer Has A TV Show" was pretty funny.  I remember he dressed up in some mascot outfit and went into the parking lot before his own show and interviewed people about how awful John Mayer was.  A particularly fond memory was when he asked a group of ladies if they knew "Your Body is a Wonderland" was written about a guy.

The guitarist, in the past, has come under fire for being a doucher, but what rock star isn't?  The important part for any potentially shitty human is that he is a great guitar player.  He actually joined the Grateful Dead for a few tours and while I'm also not a fan of The Dead (I'm hard to please...and maybe a shitty human) I'm still impressed that he was able to take a back seat when he clearly could've made real money playing his own shows.

Anyway the point of all of this is to introduce the John Mayer Crossroads Guitar Lesson from Guitar World.  He's not a super great teacher, but if you wanted that you'd enroll in QC Rock Academy...but he's pretty darn funny.  The first two minutes are worth the price of admission.


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