You don't bring sass to John Gotti.

Since today is October 27th, the birthday of the Teflon Don, John Gotti, we looked back to the old surveillance footage of him behind bars, interacting with his grandson.

In the clip, Gotti's sitting behind a few inches of glass, talking to his grandson through the phone in the visiting area. At the time, the grandson, John, is ten years old.

Little John (we'll call him) tells grandpa he wants to be a basketball player.

"You ain't gonna be a baseball player or a basketball player," John Sr. says. "To be a basketball player you've gotta be a real low life. You've gotta take a lot of steroids, and anyone who does steroids is a garbage pail."

The namesake responds, "Okay, then I'll be a cook."

"I don't care if you're nothing. You think you're gonna be selfish with me or spiteful of me? You get an ass kicking from me," John says. "You'll get an ass kickin you'll never want. You won't forget the ass kicking from me. I've got too many friends right now, I don't need you to be my friend."

"You save that sass for your father, not for me. I'll stick my foot up your ass, boy."

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