The Col Ballroom's legendary doors will close for good in October and the stories will fade away as well. But one of The Col's most famous moments and favorite footnotes never happened.

According to the manager at the time, Donny Wachal, Jimi Hendrix never entered the backstage area where he signed the wall. The signature that has drawn the attention of hundreds of musicians since never happened.

To hear Wachal tell the story, he walked Jimi and his band from their bus, through the front door, and up to the stage before their performance in 1968, and back to the bus afterwards.  They never even went backstage.

Ask Donny who scrawled Jimi's name back stage?  "Somebody else, I guess. It wasn't Jimi."

Donny dropped that mind bomb on us this morning. Don't believe me? Hear from the man himself:

Did you know that the entirety of Hendrix's show at The Col was recorded and is available online?

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