Today is the anniversary of Jim Morrison's death.  I'm not going to weigh in on the controversy surrounding his death, it's too deep.  But I would like to weigh in on a story from his life, because it's always bugged me.  Apparently his father, a decorated and high-ranking navy man, wrote a letter to Jim after listening to The Doors' first album for the first time.  He said something like... and I'm paraphrasing... "you should give up singing because of a complete lack of talent in that area..."  Now people make mistakes, I get it.  But that was not just a colossal blunder, it was, in my opinion, a thoughtless and arrogant way to talk to your son.  I'll bet Jim never forgot it.   It's one thing to try and give honest direction, it's another thing to know when not to speak.  So today I not only salute you Jim Morrison fans ... Today I also looked at my daughter, my most precious gift, and quietly hoped and prayed that I never make a mistake of that magnitude with her.