Jeff Wendland, who's worked as a sports writer at each of the Quad Cities respective newspapers, is writing some guest pieces for us to highlight the Quad City Mallards players returning on March 2nd for the Heroes vs. Villains II event at the Vibrant arena.

From here, the words you read are from Jeff himself:


Andy Fermoyle - Jeff Wendland

From the minute professional hockey started in 1995 the Quad City Mallards’ fans found a love. Little know that the love went the same way for the players.

Several Mallards players found a home in the Quad Cities, starting Scott Smith who started in the 1995-96 season and still goes on these days with the Storm.

Defenseman Andy Fermoyle ended his college career at Minnesota State U-Mankato left home from Minnesota to the Quad Cities, and never left.

On Friday, March 2 Fermoyle will get to play in the Charity Class Arconic presents Heroes vs. Villains II – Mallards Legions against UHL All-Stars.

“Howard Cornfield (Mallards president) brought me and my wife, Kelly, a year ahead of when I came to the Mallards,” Fermoyle said. “It was so great and ‘Gibby’ (Steve Gibson) and ‘Topper’ (Kerry Toporowski) helped me so much. Still, I was never that we were going to live here but Gibby told me to buy a home, and we did.

“It worked very well that Kelly was able to get a school job in Pleasant Valley, then a little later I also got an elementary teaching job. We love it where we are now.”

Fermoyle spent four full seasons before he played a half-year team in Topeka before finishing his career back at the Mallards.

“It was very surprising my first year when I came to Quad City,” Fermoyle said. “The teams weren’t winning championships but we won it all and that was great. It is awfully great with 9,000 people every night. It was incredible.

“That last year we were struggling a little and I thought it was a good chance to go to Topeka to play. That was a mistake, it was the worst decision.”

Fermoyle couldn’t wait to get back home. It could have been to come back but Cornfield was just fine to have him back.

“Howard will play a player if you do what he is supposed to do,” Fermoyle said. “He was OK when he let go and he was happy to have me back.”

Since 2005’s last season, the solid defenseman Fermoyle hasn’t been playing a lot of games but this third game is one he cannot wait to happen at the Vibrant Arena. How the hockey game will be? Maybe not so great but the smiles will be filled.

“It is all about seeing the guys we haven’t seen each other,” Fermoyle said. “That is about the players and the fans. I’ve seen some fans who have passed away since 20-some years and we want to do things like this as much as we never miss a chance like this.”

It is really all about family of the fans and the players. It is the Quad City Mallards.

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