This guy might have found the only crime that'll make his girlfriend's dad like him more.

21-year-old Creio Bishop in Huntington, West Virginia tried to burn down a strip club around 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday. All because he wanted to keep his girlfriend McKayla off the pole.

She's been a stripper there for about six months. Apparently he wanted her to quit, but she wouldn't.

Creio showed up in the middle of the night after they closed, and started a fire near the front door. Then he stood across the street and watched it burn.

According to the police report, someone who happened to be passing by called 911. He yelled at them to mind their own business.

Cops ended up arresting him in a Walmart parking lot down the street. No one was hurt, and the fire only caused minimal damage to the outside of the building. He's facing charges for second-degree arson.

Even though he didn't burn the place down, his plan might have worked. The owner of the strip club says he's worried Creio might try it again if he makes bail, so he's firing McKayla just in case.

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