When you wake up in the morning, do you ever wish you had the lifestyle of a former Metallica member? Well, now you can get closer to that lifestyle (or maybe just fantasize some more) as former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has put up his Montana ranch up for sale, for the asking price of $4,950,000.

The listing's description says, "This 545± acre gem is situated amidst an ocean of public lands and large holdings. A custom timber frame home with over 5,800 square feet was completed in 2006 and is perched atop a ridge. The chef’s kitchen includes Thermador and other premium stainless appliances, has a walk-in pantry, and a dumbwaiter to deliver your groceries. Huge panes of glass absorb the 360º views. A towering stone Rumsford-style fireplace is the centerpiece of the living room and is only one of several. Exquisite woodwork is found throughout. In rock star style, one entire wall is an intricate 'sunburst' design handcrafted from exotic woods direct from the Gibson guitar factory. The land itself is comprised of a gentle topography perfect for hiking or horseback though vast native grasslands and timber-lined draws. Other improvements include a manager’s home, shops and greenhouse."

If you're worried about Newsted's financial situation, fret not, as in a recent interview earlier this year he revealed that the royalties from his time in Metallica have him set for a long time.

"...As far as the sales of the record is something that’s never been seen before, it’s this thing that won’t go away, and everything we couldn’t ever have predicted, so that’s plain and simple, that’s information for anybody to know or find," Newsted says. "But early on, when I joined the band in ’86, they were already headed up by some very together people, some very together team of management and other people that handled their business. From day one, even when I was just a hired gun before I started getting a cut — it took five and a half months before I started getting a full cut. So the first five and a half months, I was just a session guy. So by April of ’87, which was… yeah, check THAT s--t out, 30 years ago this month, I joined as a full member taking a full cut."

Check out Jason Newsted's ranch listing right here.

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