Whoever said small towns are boring has clearly never spent time exploring them.  There are fabulous hidden gems all across the country.  Although this Illinois town might no longer be hidden since for the 3rd year in a row it has been named the "Best Small Town for Adventure".

Not only that, it's one of the top 10 "Best Midwestern Small Towns" overall.  A short drive from the Quad Cities can get you there for all it has to offer.

USA Today's Best Small Towns For Adventure


The top cities are decided by a group of travel editors.  And then it's put to an online vote.  Before getting to the one near the Quad Cities, here are other small towns you can check out for a big small-town adventure.

  • 10 - Bar Harbor, Maine
  • 9 - Northfield, Minnesota
  • 8 - Boone, North Carolina
  • 7 - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • 6 - Stowe, Vermont
  • 5 - Ellicottville, New York
  • 4 - Gallup, New Mexico
  • 3 - North Conway, New Hampshire
  • 2 - Bentonville, Arkansas

USA Today also released the Top 10 Best Small Towns in the Midwest.  And while this Illinois town ranked number 6 on that list, it was number 1 for adventure.

Your Number One Small Town For Adventure

Welcome to Savanna Illinois!

According to USA Today,

“Savanna, hugging the mighty Mississippi and along the bluffs of the Driftless area in Northwest Illinois, is the starting point for 60 miles of bike trails – the Great River Trail – but it is also a favorite stop for motorcyclists,” says 10Best expert Jacky Runice. This small town is known for its outdoor activities, attracting visitors interested in biking, boating and fishing.

This is the third year in a row for Savanna to take the title and Brienna Junk, Marketing Director for Explore Savanna says "These accolades, especially three years in a row, don't happen without a great deal of effort and pride in our city.  Tourism has a substantial economic impact to small communities and we're very proud of the continued effort by residents and merchants as we watch our historic river town prosper and grow year after year."

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You can check out Savanna for all the river fun, the state park, camping, wineries, a castle, their historic downtown, and of course the world-famous Poopy's!

Get out of the rat race and enjoy some small-town comforts at the best in the country in Savanna Illinois.

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