Your favorite gas station is probably the one that is easy to get to.  Has great snacks and food.  Has the cheapest gas prices.  It is a convenient store for you.

However, is the best place to get what you want at a gas station in the Quad Cities the best place to get gas for your car?  Maybe.  Here is where to get more than convenient snacks but gas that can save your car's life.

The Best Gas Station In America

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip photo

America's favorite Gas Station can be found in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

In a 2023 survey, KwikTrip / KwikStar was rated America's favorite gas station.  Which makes sense.  The donuts are the best in the morning, the chicken can be dinner at night and they have walk-in beer coolers at most.

Plus of course...the bathrooms.  After a 5-hour car ride or a 5-minute can't quite make it home in time from work, it's nice to stroll (or run) into one of their bathrooms.

So it might have some good fuel for your belly, but, does it have the best gas for your car?

Best Gas For Your Car In America


If you want what's best for your car, not donuts for your belly, then you need to look for Top Tier Gasoline.  According to AAA, not all gasoline is created equal.  One-third of the gas stations in America are pumping gas that is better for your car.

“AAA was surprised to learn the extent to which detergent additives impact gasoline quality,” revealed Greg Brannon, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair. “As advertised, tested TOP TIER gasoline kept engines remarkably cleaner than other fuels we tested.”

Savings guru Clark Howard suggests seeking them out as he shows what the difference can mean between regular and Top Tier Gasoline.  And it's not just one gas station chain.  You can use the Top Tier Station Finder to find one near you.

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