Most people outside of the Midwest probably don't think many great things can be found here, including the state of Wisconsin. Most people think there is just corn, cows, pigs, and just a few people who live there.


To many people's surprise that don't live in Wisconsin, the Badger State has been named as having some of the best school systems in America. A new study from WalletHub puts them in the top 5 and other neighboring states are in the top 20.


If you're looking to give your kids a great education, look at Wisconsin or really anywhere else in the Midwest.

Wisconsin's Neighbors In The Top 20 Best School Systems

Before we get to Wisconsin, if we look at the two states that make up the Quad Cities, (Iowa and Illinois), you'll find two states that also have really good school systems, according to WalletHub.

attachment-Iowa Illinois Best School Systems

Results from the recent study show that Iowa landed as the 16th best state and Illinois is the 20th best state.

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Iowa has the 2nd lowest dropout rate while Illinois ranked 11th in quality of education.

Wisconsin In The Top 5 Best School Systems In The U.S.

To be exact, Wisconsin has the 4th best school systems in America.

WalletHub found that Wisconsin's quality of education is the 4th best, too, and the safety of school systems in Wisconsin is ranked 17th.

Source: WalletHub

Wisconsin has the 5th highest math test scores, the highest median SAT scores, and 24th when it comes to spending.

If you want your kiddo to come out of high school with a great education and be prepared for college, maybe think about moving to Wisconsin. Plus, their cheese curds are the best.

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