Is this an article telling you about how Iowa is in the top 10 best states to have a baby in or an article showing off my baby because she turns 1 and a half this month? The answer is, yes.

Seeing a bunch of adorable kids at the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair has given me baby fever and this study is just a subtle way of convincing telling Mrs. Kenney that we should shoot for #2.

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If you also want to let your partner know you're ready to grow your family, send them this article to show them you're not alone and why the place you're in is a great one to have a baby. You're welcome for the baby photos, by the way.

Iowa Is The 7th Best State To Have A Baby In

The findings of a recent study done by WalletHub have been released. It's the results of 2023's Best & Worst States to Have a Baby.

Little Hauflings Photography
Little Hauflings Photography

In order to determine the best and worst states to have a baby, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across four key dimensions

  1. Cost
  2. Health Care
  3. Baby-Friendliness
  4. Family-Friendliness

WalletHub evaluated those dimensions using 31 relevant metrics, determined each state and the District’s weighted average across all metrics, then calculate their overall scores and used the resulting scores to rank them from best to worst.


Iowa landed as the 7th best state to have a baby in. It's the best state in my heart because that's where Caelyn, Ellie, and I were all born. Makes sense as to why Iowas is #1 for many people.

Why Iowa Is A Great State To Have A Baby

The results from WalletHub show that Iowa is 6th in Infant Mortality Rate, 3rd in Rate of Low Birth-Weight, and 9th in Child-Care Centers per Capita.

Little Hauflings Photography
Little Hauflings Photography

This is how Iowa ranked in the 4 key dimensions:

  1. Cost - 12th
  2. Health Care - 5th
  3. Baby-Friendliness - 35th
  4. Family-Friendliness - 9th

Pretty good except for that baby-friendliness category.

Illinois didn't do too badly on this list. WalletHub found that Illinois is the 21st best state to have a baby in.

Little Hauflings Photography
Little Hauflings Photography

The best state is Massachusetts, the worst is Mississippi.

And to answer the question that's in your head or the mother of your child's head...

Little Hauflings Photography in Bettendorf did Caelyn's photos. Ashely is the owner, she is awesome, and yes, you should reach out.

You're welcome.

Source: WalletHub

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