Oral health is very important and if it's bad, it can mean a very unhealthy body and unhealthy mind. When your teeth are healthy, the rest of you are healthy.

People who live in Illinois have the best teeth health which should make people who live there sleep better at night. Literally. Illinois ranks as the best state with dental health, but how?

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The Midwest Has Really Good Teeth Health

Illinois isn't the only state in the Midwest with awesome oral health. All Midwest states, except for Missouri and Indiana, rank in the top 20 states with the best dental health.

People in Illinois and throughout the region do a really great job at taking care of their teeth with good oral habits. They also have awesome overall dental health, according to WalletHub's latest list.

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Illinois ranks overall as the state with the best dental health and oral health. Illinois has the 7th-best dental care habits.

The Quad Cities Has Great Oral Health

To many people's disbelief, the Quad Cities actually has really great oral hygiene and health.

Just a few spots down from Illinois, Iowa lands as the state with the 12th best dental health on WalletHub's list. Sure, some of us need to visit the dentist more often than others but that's the case everywhere. Some people also don't have the money or insurance to do so.

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If you start paying attention to other's teeth in Iowa, you'll notice they aren't as bad as you assume.

Toothless Wonders Live In The South

It's not a stereotype if it's true, right?

The states with the worst dental health are primarily in the south or the states you would think are at the bottom.

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Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi take up the bottom 10. Arkansas is the state with the worst dental health. No surprise there.

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