There are so many great places to get coffee and energy drinks in Illinois and Iowa. Like car washes, our community has a ton of coffee shops which is never a bad thing. It's sad though when we find out a local coffee shop has to close locations or its business altogether.

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A coffee company with locations on both the Illinois and Iowa side of the Quad Cities, now has just one location in Iowa. Both of its Illinois locations were closed very suddenly, but why?

QC Fuel Opens Its Doors

In 2017, QC Fuel opened its first location in Moline on 53rd St. They opened two more locations in 2019, and the newest location opened on Grant St. in Bettendorf in April of 2022, according to the Quad-City Times.

QC Fuel via Google View
QC Fuel via Google View

QC Fuel was ready to take over the Quad Cities with its popular smoothies, energy drinks, coffee drinks, and more. Recently. QC Fuel went from three locations in our community to just one.

The reason for the abrupt closure will make you want to support this local business that calls our community home.

QC Fuel Is Down To Just One Location

On Monday, owners of QC Fuel announced that they have closed both of their Moline, including the original location. The locations in Moline were at 2501 53rd St and 1806 15th St Pl. but now, they are permanently closed and listed that way on Google.

The only QC Fuel location now open in the Quad Cities is on the Iowa side at 1673 Grant St in Bettendorf.

Google View
Google View

In the social media announcement, owners gave the reason as to why both Moline locations were closed so suddenly, saying:

Sad news guys… both QC Fuel Moline locations have closed. Please continue to visit our Grant Street location at the foot of the  [I-74 Bridge in] Bettendorf (new hours 6 am - 12 pm). This was a very sudden and heartbreaking decision that was brought on [by] a medical emergency involving our business partner.

If you or someone you know is interested in buying either Moline property should email

The post ended with QC Fuel thanking patrons for their support.

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