When thinking of a way to start this "thank you" letter to one of the biggest sports icons to come out of Iowa, I realized words didn't make sense. No "Dear Caitlin Clark," or anything like that. Let me start the letter with this:

Iowa v Northwestern
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Caitlin, this is your legacy. The impression you've made on young girls in Iowa and across the country is and will be insurmountable, like the records you hold. But you haven't just made a lasting impression on future women's college basketball and WNBA stars like yourself, you've gone beyond that.

Admittedly, in your 4-year career as an Iowa Hawkeye, I got to watch you play in person one time. It was at the Crossover at Kinnick and for everyone else that got a chance to see you play in person for the first time in that setting was jaw-dropping.


To see you and your teammates have more than 55,000 people come out to cheer you on an exhibition game, on Duke Slater Field at Kinnick Stadium in the middle of November, inspiring doesn't even get close to describing it.


See that little girl between my wife and I? That's our two-year-old daughter who gets more excited when we turn on the Hawks to watch you and your teammates place more than anyone else.

That brings me to the other group of people you inspire who are us dads, moms, and parents who can point to you to give them inspiration to work hard and aspire to be great just like you. I'm sure just like your dad probably did when you went to Minnesota Lynx games when you were a kid, I also was able to share this moment with my daughter and hopefully give her inspiration to be great in whatever she wants to do in life.

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As a dad, it's hard not to be emotionally thankful for your inspiration. I can't imagine how proud your dad, mom, and your brothers are of you. I know you're a Swiftie and as a Top 40 radio DJ, I think about what Scott Swift must feel to watch his daughter be great as a global superstar. Trust me when I tell you, your dad feels the same. You are on a world stage and you're the greatest to do so.

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To watch greatness unfold before someone's eyes rarely happens without someone being told greatness is happening. Someone could turn on an Iowa Women's Basketball game on television, put it on mute, and see clear as-day greatness happening before them watching you, Caitlin.

Your greatness has also brought well-deserved recognition to your teammates and your coaches. Besides your name, Lisa Bluder's name is now a household name in college basketball. People turning on the TV or radio to catch the game have also heard fellow seniors Kate Martin, Gabbie Marshall, and Molly Davis, along with stars Hannah Stuelke, Kylie Feuerbach, Taylor McCabe, Addison O'Grady, Sharon Goodman, and Sydney Affolter dominate alongside you.

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It's clear to see the sisterhood you all share and when you head to the WNBA next year, it's going to be hard to realize that this dominant team will never play together again. But because of your stardom, these women also got to shine and the spotlight you share with them.

You've made many other college fans look at their own women's basketball teams to find top-notch players and, you already know this, there is plenty. If you ever take a step in north Iowa, you'll find out how quickly people cheer on Audi Crooks at Iowa State. There are dominant athletes in women's college basketball and those athletes are being discovered because you're attracting people to watch.

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On a lighter note: As an Iowa student-athlete, I assume you know how Iowa fans operate at this point in time. Fans from other schools in Iowa, the Big Ten, or in the U.S. will always argue about how bad our football or men's basketball teams are compared to theirs. But we would always fire back with, "But have you seen Caitlin Clark and the women's basketball team?"

Hawkeye fans across the country sincerely thank you for giving us an argument for Iowa sports. It's helped.

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Caitlin, you are the quintessential basketball player. Yes, for women's college basketball, but for college basketball, period. You have transcended women's basketball and sports in general.

Not only do Hawkeye fans thank you for your incredible college career at the University of Iowa, but the entire state thanks you. To wear the letters I-O-W-A and represent them with kindness, grit, loyalty, and honor speaks volumes. Whichever WNBA team selects you, just know they will have a lot of new fans supporting them and you.

It's a little weird writing a thank you letter when there will be so much more to be thankful for before it's all over. But it never hurts to remind you how appreciative of you we are and have been.

I hope this announcement allows you, your family, coaches, and fellow seniors to enjoy Senior Day on Sunday because you all deserve it. Hopefully, we also get to see another sticker on the future Caitlin Clark Court.

Go get 'em, Caitlin. Go Hawks.

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