Iowa, Illinois, and the Quad Cities area are at a risk for severe storms heading into the weekend. Weather experts and meteorologists are predicting that these late-week storms could bring strong winds, large hail, and possibly even produce tornadoes.

As we know, in the Quad Cities storms can pop out of nowhere during the warm months (and even in the winter months), but luckily we have a fair warning before these possible storms arrive. This heads-up is also a great time to go over your action plan at home.

Supercell thunderstorm in USA's Tornado Alley
Graham Moore

From a temperature standpoint, Thursday and Friday in the Quad Cities are looking good. Thursday, we'll expect to see a high of 60° with mostly sunny skies. Friday, expect a high of 71° with an enhanced risk for severe storms.

Enhanced Risk For Iowa & Illinois

Our friends with the First Alert Weather Team at KWQC-TV6 are indicating that strong storms are possible this Friday afternoon and into the evening.

Both TV6 and the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities have put our listening area at the 'enhanced risk', or level 3 out of 5, for the possibility of these severe storms. KWQC has issued a First Alert Day for this Friday, March 31st, starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 8 p.m.

The exact timing of these severe storms is still fairly unknown, but we do know what dangers could be attached to these storms, including:

  • Damaging winds
  • Large Hail
  • Tornadoes

Damaging winds and tornadoes are the primary threat, large hail is secondary when it comes to these potential storms.

National Weather Service of the Quad Cities
National Weather Service of the Quad Cities

Severe Storm Action Plan

With severe storm season essentially here, it's a good time to go over or create an action plan when dealing with severe weather. Here are a few good tips to know when severe storms are approaching:

  • Know where to go
    • If you're at home, make sure your family knows where the lowest point in the house is that has no windows to take shelter.
    • If you're at someone else's home or a business, follow the instructions of the homeowner/employees to take shelter.
    • If you're traveling through a severe storm and can't make it to a safe location, remain in your vehicle and find an overpass to park under. Never exit the vehicle.
  • Make sure you have power
    • We're talking about your phone. If potential storms are expected, make sure your phone is charged before leaving the house or charging while in the car.
    •  Have our app and the KWQC Weather App so you can stay up-to-date on severe weather as it approaches, is happening, and afterward.

The National Weather Service of the Quad Cities has a great tool to create a severe weather action plan here.

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