If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind stay in Cedar Rapids, you may want to check out The Dewdrop next year!

The Dew Drop is an "airy and spacious 16-foot stargazing tent" located at Prairie Patch Farm in Cedar Rapids. It contains a queen size bed and access to wi-fi, solar power, coffee, and a guest shower/restroom. According to the official website:

"The dewdrop is nestled across from our wildflower prairie in a meadow surrounded by oak trees with a view of our preserve to the south and our llama pasture to the north."

Campers will be able to experience the farm's hiking trails, as well as llamas "just steps from the tent." It will be available to book in the spring of 2024.

Prairie Patch Farm is a local wildlife refuge and nature preserve that offers all sorts of cool experiences with llamas, including hikes and yoga. They currently have eight llamas and one alpaca in their care, and they're kind of internet famous! The Prairie Patch Farm TikTok account currently has over 119,000 followers and 3.3 MILLION likes thanks to adorable videos of the llamas in different costumes.

The Dewdrop may not be open yet, but Prairie Patch Farm does have a farmhouse that is available for stays. It may be a different experience than camping under the stars, but it still offers plenty of llama interactions. In fact, the llamas often come right up to the windows of the house! You can check out the listing on Airbnb HERE or their website HERE.

Andy & Kahle, Airbnb
Andy & Kahle, Airbnb

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