Little Feat has extended its long history of collaborations with Bonnie Raitt on a new update of Muddy Waters' "Long Distance Call." UCR is exclusively premiering the track below.

The song is from Sam's Place, the forthcoming all-blues Little Feat album featuring classic-era percussionist Sam Clayton on vocals for the first time. A molten turn on slide guitar was added by Scott Sharrard, who joined the group in 2019.

"Every Feat fan loves us some Sam," Raitt tells UCR. "I'm so glad he's now gotten a chance to step out front and center and put his spin on these wonderful blues songs. I loved singing 'Long Distance Call' with him, always one of my favorites – and Scott slayed on slide. I know you'll enjoy hanging out with us at Sam's Place!"

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Raitt initially sang backup vocals with Little Feat on 1973's gold-selling breakout LP Dixie Chicken – the first to feature Clayton and bassist Kenny Gradney. She returned for 1974's Feats Don't Fail Me Now, Little Feat's first-ever Top 40 hit. Other Little Feat albums with Raitt's contributions include 1979's Down on the Farm and 1988's Let It Roll.

At the same time, co-founder Bill Payne appeared on a handful of Raitt's projects in the '70s and '80s. Her 1977 album Sweet Forgiveness memorably included turns by both Payne and his late Little Feat bandmate Lowell George, and Raitt covered Payne's song "Takin' My Time."

Little Feat Returns For First LP Since 2012

Rooster Rag, Little Feat's most recent studio release, dates back to 2012 and was recorded at long-time Raitt guitarist Johnnie Lee Schell's Los Angeles studio. Rooster Rag was also their last with the late Paul Barrere. Clayton's long-time bandmates Fred Tackett, Gradney and Payne round out the core lineup. Tony Leone has been on drums since 2020.

"I've always loved Little Feat," Raitt says, "and this new incarnation of the band is bringing some serious heat, cred and new blood to their enduring legacy."

Sam's Place is due on Friday, May 17.

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