I couldn't tell you how many times I've ordered a pizza and asked the person on the other end of the phone if they can stop & pick me up a case of beer on their way.  They never think I'm serious.

I always am.

I could've taken that sober hostility and channeled it into something positive...but usually just ended up finishing off the Creme De Cocoa in the back of the cupboard and passing out with a 3/4 eaten pizza on my lap.

I COULD have, nay...SHOULD HAVE come up with Drizly!!!  Drizly is a BRILLIANT new company that has created an Uber....for BOOZE!!!

Just type in your address...pick your poison and whammo!  An angel drops a 12 pack and a bottle of Jager on your porch, like a drunken May Day Basket!

Of course...it's not in this area just yet.  Even Uber took a while to make its way to the QCA...but we can still hope...and pray to the porcelain god, that our wish will come true.