Back in 1967, The Doors made their first and only appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on this date.  In case you don't know the story, a producer of the show came in the dressing room and asked Jim and the guys to change one word in the song "Light My Fire" from "higher" ... to "better" ... over concern about the drug reference.  After some initial arguing and refusing, the band finally said they would make the change.  Fifty minutes in to the hour long show, and right after an appearance by a "sweaty and nervous young comedian" named Rodney Dangerfield, The Doors took the stage.  They played their first song "People Are Strange" and then went straight in to Light My Fire ... and at that sensitive lyrical moment .... Jim looked right into the camera and sang "higher" instead of "better"..

The producer was furious, yelled at them after the show and said "Ed wanted to book you for 6 more shows .. but now you'll NEVER be on The Ed Sullivan Show again...!!"    Jim responded by saying ... "hey man, we just DID the Ed Sullivan show.."

So that's history in a nutshell ...  and of course, today Doors fans, I salute you!