I coached a lot of Little League, but the thing is, those kids make mistakes, but they understand basic rules of baseball.

Apparently, The Pirate's Will Craig, made the biggest blunder ever in a game against the Cubs last night, and he's probably available for trade if you want him.

If you don't know, in baseball, when the batter is on their way to first base, all that needs to be done for them to be called out is tag first base.

Eric Craig, a professional baseball player with a nearly $600,000 salary, decided to try and tag out Javy, who just played a pickle with a base he can't occupy.

He passed the ball to the catcher, who tried to tag out the third base runner, but the runner scored.

As soon as the ball came out of Craig's hand, Javy made a break for first base, with the second baseman running to get over in time to cover the bag.

The ball was overthrown, giving Javy long enough to run around to second base.

Check out the post-game interview with Coach Derek Shelton:

It's the worst play I've ever seen, and like I said, I coached little league for years.


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