If you've been on the Ticketmaster page looking for KISS tickets to the March 10th show at the Taxslayer Center, you may have noticed an interesting trend:  More tickets available, and at less cost.  It's an approach KISS is using on their current tour, that is paying off for both the band, and their fans.

Scott Mullen, Taxslayer GM, said bands usually control the availability of tickets. "It's typical to get band tickets the band was holding returned as we get closer to a show.  It's their last time around and they just want to make sure  fans who want to see them have a chance.  Obviously the building doesn't control the pricing for shows like this but we do make recommendations as to what we think our market is willing to pay.  They tried an aggressive approach to maximize sales and for the most part  it's really paid off for them.  This show is really selling well for them. Now they need to fill the few seats that remain. We are nearly sold out."

So do yourself a favor, KISS fans.  Keep going back to the Ticketmaster site.  There are some great seats.  You wanted the best, you got the best.

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