"Emo Charlie" came in today to talk about the Emo Dance party happening on Friday at the Blue Cat Brewing Company.  He'll be DJing some dance remixes of emo tunes and emo versions of dance tunes.  So, it's a tight jeans and mascara night if you're into it.

Of course Saturday is the big bi-state St. Patrick's Day Parade is a block and a half away so they'll be open at 9am before the big to-do and of course open afterwards for all the St. Paddy's Day fun.

Charlie brought me in a dry Irish Stout that was an original Blue Cat recipe called Finnegan's. It's a nice roasty number that is going to quench your thirst all day long.  They also brewed a green beer...a pistachio cream ale that is naturally green.  No nasty food coloring hastily dumped into a perfectly good beer.  This is "craft" beer.  It's art, for goodness sake!

They'll be open at 9am with a limited St. Paddy's Menu too!

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