I was scrolling the internets last week when I stumbled upon a story about a story about Wendy Lange from Vinton, Iowa who has had it with the Winters here in the Midwest. I love Winter. It's my favorite season, but I guess when you've reached a certain age it get considerably less fun.

After posting the picture on her Facebook page on February 22nd, it exploded. It seems her house has been on the market for a considerable amount of time and her and her husband have had issues selling it.

Her $170,000 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, completely handicap-accessible, hasn’t seen any takers, but maybe Internet fame will help.

Their home was built 15 years ago and here's the listing if you're interested in purchasing it. Her and her husband have already found a dream home in Missouri, but aren't opposed to moving to the Southwest if that's not warm enough.

Read more at KOMO News.

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